Tit sharking

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Tit sharking refers to a form of sexual prank belonging to the group of sharking pranks, that has supposedly become fairly popular in Japan. In the act of tits sharking, the perpetrator sneaks up on a victim in a public area in open view and forcefully exposes the girls tits to be seen by the public for a brief moment before running away. Tits sharking very often involves a 3rd person to video document the sharking event.

The sharker is generally a man wearing a hat or other disguise, and the target, or sharkee, is generally a girl wearing a type of top which allows to be pulled down or up easily. The most preferred type of top are tube tops followed by halter tops. Both types are sleeveless and can be easily pulled down. But also normal t-shirt have been witnessed to be tit-sharked by simply pulling the t-shirt up on her head.

The sharker usually approaches his target from behind in public and then suddenly pulls his target's top down, which usually exposes the girl's tits. The sharker's "camera man" is positioned at her front and tries to videotape the whole scenery. Due to the impact of force, tit sharking can leave scratches and bruises on her back. The first tit sharking activities have been observed in Japan in 2007. In the meantime tit sharking attacks have been reported from all over the world.

Tit Sharking Photos

Public tit sharking attack on a girl
Girl after Sharking Attack
Tit Sharking in Progress
Tit Sharking: Before
Tit Sharking: After
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