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Thick nipples refers to nipple size: A type of nipple characterized by a very wide nipple projection when in the state of erected nipples. Thick nipples usually come along with small and medium sized areolas. The test for a thick nipples is simple: If the nipple is at least as thick as her little finger, then she has thick nipples. Thick nipples are just a shape of nipples. The thickness does not say anything about sensitivity of a thick nipple and is not determined by her breast size. Similiar to long nipples, thick nipples tend to generate poking nipples, even if her tits are covered by a bra. Thick nipples always have a length of small to medium. If her nipples are think AND long, you do not face a thick nipples but huge nipples.

Photos of Thick Nipples

Thick Nipples
Thick Nipple
Thick Nipples

The 'Thick Nipples' Blog in VCity

There are more photos and videos of beauties presenting their thick nipples in VCity, the erotic playground, under Thick Nipples Blog Posts, see yourself!

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