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A Sideblouse is an expression of voyeurism, e.g. tit voyeurism. Sideblouse means viewing at her tits or her bra by looking from the side of a top that is hanging away from the body. Somewhere between downblouse and upblouse voyeuristic fun. Sideblouses are a sub-type of tit voyeurism. A sidebblouse does not necessarily requires that she is braless: For example she can be wearing a bikini or her top might hang lose from her body allowing to see her bra from the side. A perfect sideblouse includes her nipples and is called nipple sideblouse. Sideblouse views are typically produced during oops situations.

The typical sideblouse requires that the clothing item, which covers her tits, allows to look beneath her clothing item from the side. This view can be caused by a v-shaped neckline of her top, open buttons of her top or dress or the general design of her clothing item. The two possible sideblouse views are either to see one of her boobs from the outer side or to see the central side of one of her boobs from the center.

Important: A sideblouse is not intended by her and requires some special viewing angle combined with some kind of wardrobe malfunction of her top. If the view to the sides of her boobs is caused by the design of her dress of her top, it is not a sideblouse but a sideboob!

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