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See-through in public means to wear clothes in public, which are not completely opaque. Depending on the type of transparency, wearing see through clothes in public might be an act of exhibitionism while looking at or photographing women in unintended see through situations might be an act of voyeurism. See also article: see-through clothing

Letting others look through her clothes might be intended or not intended:


Intended See-through in Public

By selecting clothing items which obviously allow to see-through, she intends to catch views onto the exposed parts of her body. It depends fully on her choice of clothing which of her body regions will be visible through the fabric to which degree. The most common clothing items to go see-through in public are listed below:

Clothing Items used for intended see-through appearance

Intended see-trhough appearance in public is called see-through exhibitionism. It is very common to wear one or more of the clothing items listed below.

See-through clothing for her upper body parts

Proper see through attire for her upper body includes tops, like shirts, blouses and T-shirts:

Both types might be worn with or without a bra. See through clothing for her upper body part does not automatically imply, that the region covering her tits is made of see through fabric! Some tops have see-through backside and opaque fronts instead of giving you full see through tits.

See-through clothing for her lower body parts

Proper see through attire for her lower body includes pantyhose, skirts and pants:

More sexy and revealing her ass are:

See through skirts and pants are very often worn in combination with very sexy panties, which might be fully visible through the fabric of her skirt or pants thus producing a sexy see through ass.

See-through clothing for her entire parts

Proper see through attire for her entire body usually consists of a:

See through dresses very often worn in combination with very sexy panties and sometimes worn with bras. See through dresses allow her to put her lingerie on public display while still dressed properly.

Photos of intended see-through appearances in public

Accidental See-through in Public

Accidental see-through in public appears, when

  • She is not aware of the fact, that the fabric of her clothes turns transparent under specific light conditions. These light conditions include camera flash light, bright sun light and sun light from behind (for example sun shining through her skirt from behind)
  • Her clothing items become wet. This includes bikinis, which might turn transparent when wet.

Thus the best places to spot accidental unintended see-throughs are swimming pools, beaches, pedestrian zones at summer at noon or late evening. Accidental see-through is an Oops Situation and should not be confused with seeing only her panty lines. Seeing her VPL is not considered accidental see-through - you must clearly be able to identify the color and design of her panty or (if pantyless) must clearly see her ass crack! Photos like that often appear as candid thongs photos.

Photos of accidental see-through appearances in public

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