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Posed Pic Sets (PPS)

Posed Pics is a Voyeurcloud section for contri with non-explicit images generally taken indoors or outdoors in a private location of someone knowingly posing for the camera.

Voyeurcloud determines the section where a contri will be posted - not the contributor. If a contri contains both posed and exhibitionist images, VC will determine which section to post the whole contri. Explicit images are not shown on the Free Voyeurcloud. If a contributor submits a contri with multiple explicit images to VC's Posed Pic Sets, VC may re-post the contri to it's member section. If one (perhaps two) image is explicit, VC may omit that image and post the rest in a VC contri, or crop the image to remove the explicit portion of the image.

Examples of Posed Pics

Some contributors even have been know to use the bedroom for Posed Pic Sets

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