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A pantyhose upskirt means that the upskirted model wears a skirt and a pantyhose. Pantyhose upskirts are done by upskirt voyeurs. Depending on the light conditions under her skirt and the type of pantyhose she wears, pantyhose upskirts can reveal her ass and even pussy lips and more. When photographing pantyhose upskirts, the major thrill for the upskirter are:

  • Are those really pantyhoses or is she wearing thigh highs?
  • Is she wearing a panty under her pantyhose and what type of panty?

Shooting a panty upskirt is standard for upskirters and they do it almost everywhere depending on the season of the year: Of course you find more women wearing pantyhoses in winter. Perfect locations for spotting pantyhose woman with short skirt are:

Pantyhose Upskirt Photos

The two other types of upskirts based on her hosiery are pantieless upskirt and panty upskirt.

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