Nipple downblouse

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The nipple downblouse is a special type of downblouse and is categorized as a sub-type of tit voyeurism. It requires to spot a girl in a lucky downblouse where you can see/photograph her top down all the way to her nipples. In many cases nipple downblouse opportunities occur mostly on braless girls, which means most nipple downblouse shots are braless downblouses as well. It is more likely to see a nipple downblouse on a girl with smaller breast size. However also nipple downblouses of women wearing bras are being documented on Voyeurcloud frequently. This type of downblouse requires, that there is visible gap between her bra and her breasts as well as a huge "photo-friendly" neckline on her top or her dress. This photo opportunity might occur when she bends over. However in most cases she this type of downblouse is most likely on women with small to medium sized tits and not on huge tits.

Nipple Downblouse Photos

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