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Orignally Nipple Clothespins used to be fasteners to hang up and dry clothes. After Al Gore invented the clothes dryer in 1941, the original role of clothespins became obsolete and are nowadays mostly used to be attached to nipples.

Since the late eighties clothespins are mostly used as very inexpensive sex toys that are use to squeeze one nipple or both nipples of the wearer, thus being a commonly available tool for nipple stimulation. Clothespins are available in many variations, colors and materials from acrylic to wooden clothespins. The clothespins are normally applied when the nipples are erect and the subject aroused. The sensation of a squeezed nipple is very enjoyable for some ladies and adds to the erection. The wearer should be prepared for some mild pain when the clothespin is removed. Some ladies report that removing the nipple clothespin from her nipples can be more intense than putting it on. There are several ways to apply a nipple clothespin: The nipple clothespin can be clamped to the tip of the nipple as well as be clamped to the base of the nipple. Nipple clothespins can be applied sideways as well as following the direction of her nipples. Wooden nipple clothespins are more comfortable than plastic versions. Nipple clothespins are often used during nipple masturbation and so-called nipple torture.

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