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Masturbating in front of mirror is a common female masturbation technique: Some women experience additional stimulating effects when watching themselves in a mirror during masturbation. The mirror can be a sex mirror or a regular mirror attached somewhere as well as a small handheld mirror. Some women prefer to see their entire body mirrored, while other prefer to have eye contact to their pussy only. The reason why masturbating in front of a mirror might be more pleasureful to some women: Watching a projection of herself during masturbation has the same effect like watching a stimulating video during masturbation. The only difference is that the main actor in the mirror is the lady herself and the projection is real time. Especially during the orgasm phase the masturbation in front of mirror method might add more excitement to ladies. The most extreme flavor of masturbating in front of a mirror is to do selfpics during masturbation.

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