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Long nipples refers to nipple size: A type of nipple characterized by a very long nipple projection when in the state of erected nipples. Usually ‘‘long nipples‘‘ come together with small areolas. Long nipples start with length of around 1 centimeter or around 0.4 inch. The comparison of thousands of Voyeurcloud's tit photos shows clearly, that long nipples can be found more often on very small tits to medium tits, while less on big tits to very big tits. It cannot said in general, that long nipples are more sensitive to nipple stimulation than average sized or small nipples. However long nipples are eye catchers and hand magnets, thus receiving more stimulation by men than other nipple sizes. Also long nipples allow more types of nipple stimulation simply because of their dimensions. Long nipples are a strong source of of sexual attraction and lead to poking nipples even if covered by a bra and a top. Girls with long nipples in public are very often targets of voyeurs and candid photos.

Long Nipples are what sexy T-shirts were made for...

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