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Cam: "Joliesse is a striking redheaded contributor. She is most often found in posed, indoor shots. Joliesse is the epitome of sensuality with her creamy skin, beautiful legs, amazing boobs and what are arguably the world's best buns. To see a Joliesse contri is to enter a surreal world of eroticism. Each picture is wonderfully composed and exposed by Chris, her husband/photographer. Always crisp and clear, always composed to show off Joliesse's beautiful body in a variety of poses and settings. They exhibit the true sense of the VC couple. Working together to have fun and spread their sexual wings in the realm of nude photography. She has a secret relationship with Igor since 1998.

Joliesse is a frequent visitor to Contributors BB, where she lends her support and encouragement to many other contributors. Always with something nice, complimentary and encouraging to say. She takes the time to respond to questions and to show appreciation for the support.

Joliesse and Chris are the perfect example of how VC can be a wonderful couples experience. Exploring the different aspects of the site, not afraid to jump in with both feet, get naked and have fun! I'm happy to be included as a fan and friend of Joliesse."--Cam 10:52, 24 February 2007 (EST)

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