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The founder and brain behind Voyeurweb and related sites(Redclouds , Homeclips ). Igor left the Voyeurweb on 9th June 2012 and can now be found on Voyeurcloud.com

Known to occasionally make a typo or misspelling.... :0)

For specifics of Igor's penis see: Sir Little Igor.
For female fans of Igor see: Igor's Dessert Girls
For Igor's car of choice click here
Igor invented the Wfi back in 1996! Igor's Website is Voyeurcloud.com

Igor's Bio

Born 1958 on planet earth.
Lived in 9 different countries before he was 16 years old due to his parents who worked for the United Nations.
His 'mother' language is German due to the fact that his first nanny (1958 - 1964) was german, speaks and writes 6 languages more or less fluid and has 5 different nationalities.
1981 Master Degree in Economics
1984 Master Degree in Computer Engineering
1986 Master Degree in Business Administration/Marketing (MBA-MKT)
1986 - 1989 Analyst on behalf of the European Union Commission's taskforce 'Networked Telecommunications' in the field of "Internetworked Computer Systems and Social Communication"
1989 - 1991 Senior Product Manager of a wellknown US-based software company.
1991 - 1994 Senior Marketing Director of a wellknown European-based software company.
1994 - 1996 Senior Vice President 'Development and Marketing' of a very wellknown US-based software company.
1996: Sudden end of career and early retirement after Igor called the CEO of his company a "fucking asshole" and the products of the company "scam-ware made to punish customers" during a board meeting. Igor's last official words when trying to stop the rollout of a new product:" The security holes of this well-tested 'scam ware' are even bigger than the fucking asshole who calls himself CEO of this company. If we bring this software to the market we will punish each and every of our customers. The whole concepts needs at least two years more testing and further development. Neither myself nor any of my staff members in marketing will touch this piece of shit." Igor and 87 of his crew members were fired the same day and the company started selling the product the week after. It showed that the product had even more problems than Igor estimated.
1996: Changed his name in the US and two Euro-countries to 'Igor Shoemaker' and starts Voyeurweb as a hobby. Promissed himself to never work for any profit-oriented organisation again. Made enough money between 1986 and 1996 (the golden years of IT) to have never to work again.
1997: His Voyeurweb - hobby absorbed all his savings and Igor is broke. Thinks about starting a zero-bugdet life on Bali island. Starts Redclouds at a very low fee of USD 15.00 as a non-profit model to cover the costs of his hobby as his last experiment in the western world before he leaves.
2007: Manages and operates 7 companies across the globe with 97 employees and 30 freelancers. Igor still sees his little universe as a non-profit hobby. Any positive revenue is directly re-invested into people, systems and software. Works 10 to 14 hours seven days a week, still loves to look at naked girls and still answers any email addressed to him personally.
2012: Igor left the Voyeurweb on 9th June 2012 and joined Voyeurcloud.com

One of 1000s of female fans of Igor waiting for him in his bed
Igor after a stressful day at the Voyeurweb Office

Inventor and connoisseur of the Wfi.  :0)
The muscle behind Sir Little Igor's brains. ;@)

Despite constant rumors it has yet to be proven that Igor and Merci are actually the same person.

He has taken photos of many contributors over the years so is also included in:

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