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Hall of Fame Hints are observations made by looking through hundreds of the halls within Igor's Hall of Fame

Great photography and beautiful models are the cornerstone to Hall of Fame entries. But what makes a great photo? Or how does the beauty come forth in the photo? Take a stroll down any of the halls in the Hall of Fame. What do you see?

  1. Most of the images have the subject filling the image. The model is not a tiny image hidden in the image. She commands the image. The HoF has pictures of a beautiful woman on a bed/beach, not pictures of a bed/beach with a beautiful woman on it. The viewer, or in this case Igor, cannot see the beauty of the woman if she is hidden in a distracting background. the frame should be more woman than anything else. There are exceptions, but in Igor's HoF, the exceptions are few. We can make he connection to the scene without seeing much of the surrounding area.
  2. Clear, sharp images. Out of focus, blurred images rarely get a second look. Learn to use the camera - inexpensive cameras can still provide clear, sharp images if you know how to use them, and understand their limitations.
  3. Proper exposure - too dark? too bright? unbalanced? Not many of those make it into Igor's HoF. For tricky lighting situations, learn to bracket the exposure.
  4. Faces - Yes, the Hall of Fame is filled with beautiful faces, but it has numerous examples of contributors who have never shown their face on VC. A big blurred blob is a rare thing in the Hall of Fame. Face hiding techniques are mastered when the viewer forgets the face is hidden.
  5. Be selective. If you cannot decide which one of ten laying on her back on the beach is the best one, chances are, Igor will not spend much time trying to pick one either. If you can get Igor to really look through your contri, chances are, he will pick one or more for his Hall of Fame.
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