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Hall of Fame, short form 'HoF': The magical pages all contributors strive to find a place in. A selection of photos submitted that Igor personally loved so much he had to immortalize them forever in the pages of his own personal Hall of Fame. All the photos are ones that Igor picked, there is no voting involved only Igor's mood and preference at the time.

Snapshot of a Hall of Fame Page
Until February 2007 the Hall of Fame was updated every 9 weeks. Since February 2007 it is updated on a daily base.

Which pictures are selected for the Hall of Fame by Igor?

  1. Pictures which appear to Igor as exceptional good photo work.
  2. Pictures which shows a model or pose that turns Igor on.
  3. Pictures which have that special something that nobody can describe in words.
  4. Pictures which tell more than 1000 words.
  5. Pictures which show some special face expressions or situations.
  6. Pictures which made Igor masturbate in front of the computer.

If you are not able to deliver any of the above and still want to become immortal, there is still a backdoor to become listed at the Hall of Fame by giving Igor sexual favors. which range from simple blow jobs to heavy anal sex depending on his mood.

Igor's Hall of Fame

also see HoF Hints

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