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Cum on sleeping girls is a popular party game and can be considered an uncommon male masturbation technique or a sexual prank: Girls who drank one too many and fall asleep during an ongoing party in one of the bedrooms are often used as cum targets. One or several men approach the sleeping target girl and start masturbation in close distance to her sleeping body. When he or they cum, they ejaculate onto some prominent body of her, like her hair, face, feet or hand while at the same time not trying to wake her up. Also her clothes like her skirt or her top might be used as cum targets. The idea is to leave as much cum stains on her as possible without waking her up. It is left to her imagination the next morning to figure out what has caused the cum stains. Besides the prank described above, cum on sleeping girls might also be a fetish: Person effected by the fetish feel the need to cum on sleeping girls. As an aftermath they often feel guilty of having done something wrong.

Photos of Cum on Sleeping Girls

Some guy came on her feet while she is taking a nap during a party.
Some guy came on her face while she is taking a nap during a party.
Some guy came on his girlfriend's hair while she is sleeping.

Using artificial cum instead of real jizz: It is feasible to use artificial cum, but it is much less fun. However the face expression of the victim will be the same.

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