Cum on her clothes

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Cum on her clothes is the direct result if a male ejaculation of his jizz onto her clothing items. His ejaculation is either caused by him stroking his penis, namely masturbation, or by him having sex with a partly or completely dressed girl. In both cases there is hardly any of her clothing item which is not the target of male cum.The aftermath of cum on her clothes are visible cum stains on her clothing items. In general following cases of cum on clothes are common:


Cum on her clothes during sex

Cum on her clothes during masturbation

If a male ejaculates onto her clothing items during masturbation, it is either caused by a fetish or part of the popular marking territory party game. Following clothing items are very common to be targeted by him:

Other Cum Targets

Besides her clothes also other items like her lipstick or her purse might be the target of his jizz targeting. See under: Cum on her stuff.

Cum on her Clothes Photos

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