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Definition of Bikini

A bikini defines a type of swimwear worn by females when swimming or when sunbathing on beaches as well as topless beaches. A two-piece bathing suit with a bra-like top and a panty-like bottom or string. There are quite many types of bikinis and bikinis follow fashion trends. While the different styles of bikini tops cover her boobs more or less, bikini bottoms come in different styles corresponding to panty styles: G-Strings, hiphuggers, low waist style and more. The material used for bikinis may be thin or thin, see-through, transparent when wet or opaque. As a general rule it can be said, that all yellow bikinis turn transparent when wet. A special form of bikini is the so-called sandkini. Malfunction of bikini tops leads to nipple slips. Wearing a bikini while sunbathing will lead to bikini tan lines, eg. tits with tan lines and ass with tan lines. If she wears only the panty of her bikini and is nude from her waist up, it is called topless bikini. Bikinis are not required at nude beaches.

Girls wearing bikinis are subject to candid bikini photos shot by bikini voyeurs. The malfunction of a bikini leads to voyeuristic bikini oops.

Sexy Bikini Types

Sexy bikini types are bikinis which are an eye catcher to the observer. Sexy bikini types can have a sexy bikini top or sexy bikini bottom or both. Basically the goal of sexy bikinis is to present the lady in a very sexy way. Of course sexy bikini types require corresponding sexy body parts, especially tits, ass and legs.

Bikini Tops

The main function of a bikini top is to more or less cover her tits and especially her nipples. Bikini tops come in different styles and designs. The most important style and design parameters are:

Cut of Bikini Cups

Depending on the cut of the bikini top, the top might be designed to cover her entire breast, to allow bikini sideboobs or to cover only a partial region of her boobs.

Fabric of Bikini Tops

Most bikini tops are made of elastic nylon fabric. Depending on the fabric and it's color, the bikini top might be see-through or might turn transparent when wet. In order to prevent this effect many bikini tops feature two layers of fabric. Bikini which allow to see through them either in wet or in dry and wet state are called see through bikinis.

Support of Bikini Tops

Bikini tops might be designed to give her boobs support against the effects of gravity. In order to achieve that, bikinis might feature enforced cups similiar to push-up bras. Strapless bikini tops like for example bikini tube tops offer no support against gravity.

Shaping Bikini Tops

Bikini tops might be designed in a way to shape her tits or to generate bikini cleavage

Photos of different Bikini Tops and Features

Sexy Bikini Tops

Bikini Tube Top

A bikini tube top is a small stretchy belt which covers her tits. It has no shoulder straps or other means to hold it up. Typically a bikini tube top leaves a midriff allowing to see her cleavage. When worn while walking around, bikini tube tops swing up and down and left and right with her breasts. As illustrated below bikini tube tops reveal much more of the shape of her tits than a regular bikini top with straps.

Bikini Bandeau Top

Similar to the tube top, a bandeau bikini top has no shoulder straps. Unlike the tube top, the bandeau top generally has individual cups to hold the breasts. Some bandeau tops do have a neck strap in an attempt to avoid an oops situation. The bandeau top is often used for sun tanning to avoid shoulder strap tanlines, and easily unhooked to avoid tanlines across her back. One girl wears a bandeau top, but two girls wear bandeaux, unless one is sharing and topless.

Bikini Bottoms

Mesh Bikini Bottom

A mesh bikini bottom is see-through even if in a dry state. It allows to see her pubic hair or her bald pussy through the fabric.

See Through When Wet Bikini Bottom

A see through when wet bikini bottom is see-through when wet. It allows to see her pubic hair or her bald pussy. Especially yellow colored bikinis tend to get very see-through when wet. See also see through bikinis.

G-String Bikini or butt floss Bottom

A G-string bikini or butt floss bikini bottom is modeled like the G-String panty: It covers her pussy and passes in her ass crack and then attached to a band around her hips. G-string bikini bottoms allow to see almost her entire ass cheeks called bikini cheeks.

Low Waist Bikini Bottom

A low waist bikini bottom is modeled like the low waist panty and sits very low on her waists. Low waist bikini bottoms always produce ass cleavage above the band around her hips because her ass crack raises above her bikini bottom.

Center Seam Bikini Bottom

A center seam bikini bottom has an elastic seam centered in the front and rear part of her bikini bottom. This type of bikini bottoms produce superb bikini cameltoes on the front side and shape hillarious bikini asscracks at the rear side.

Single Layer Bikini Bottom

A single layer bikini bottom is made entirely out of one layer of fabric, not having any second protective layer on her pussy. Single layer bikini bottoms therefore tend to produce bikini cameltoes, revealing the size, dimensions and shape of her pussy lips as well as bikini asscracks.

Sexy Bikini Top and Bottom Combinations

Micro Bikini: Microkini

A micro bikini barely covers any of her pussy, ass or tits.

Mini Bikini: Minikini

A mini bikini just covers any of her pussy, ass or tits.

Special Types of Bikinis

Slingshot Bikini

A slingshot bikini is not really a bikini: It is a very small bikini bottom with suspenders.

See through Bikini

See through bikinis are transparent swimwear, whic is always see-through or only transparent when wet. Depending on the intended design, you can see her nipples and/or pussy through the transparent fabric.

Typical Sexy Bikini Views

Bikini Cameltoe

Especially center seamed bikini panties shape great cameltoes called bikini cameltoes.

Erected Nipples under Wet Bikini Tops

Thin bikini tops produce great nipple views, especially when wet! You can very often find bikini pokies and sometimes find see-through tops which allow a clear view of her nipples.

Sideboobs Views

Quite many bikini tops allow easy sideboob pleasure - especially while bend over.

Bikini Ass Cheek Views

Quite many bikini bottoms do not cover most of her ass cheeks, thus giving the viewer a very good idea of the shape of her ass. An ass covered by a bikini bottom is called bikini ass.

Bikini Peek

A bikini peek is a voyeuristic phrase defined as peeks at a woman's private regions through or under her bikini and includes views of her pubic hair, pussy, tits as well as nipples.

Bikini Malfunction

Bikini malfunction of her bikini top might lead to nipple slips, while a malfunction of her bikini bottom leads to lip slips.

General Bikini Views

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Further Photos and Videos showing Women wearing Bikinis

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